Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Tour?

It’s a live interactive webinar hosted by a professional guide in which you will fully be an actor (if you wish to!).

During this live webinar you will see, hear and read your guide with the opportunity to solicit her thanks to the chatbox, whereas she can read you, share her screen, show photos, paintings, sculptures, videos and maps while asking poll questions all along the tour.

If you order a private tour then you can turn on your mic and cam and directly talk with your guide. 

Why should I choose a Virtual Tour?

Because it gives a chance to access culture anywhere, comfortably installed on its own and able to properly see the visuals, without any crowd nor noise around for a reasonable price.

Which is ideal for the history fans either being locked down, agoraphobes, shy ones, on a low budget, far-away, immobilized, unable to travel, willing to get previous knowledge or make sure the topic deserves a visit in person… or for any other reason!


How can I join the Virtual Tour?

  • Choose a date 
  • Process with the paiement 
  • Follow the link provided after your booking once the scheduled time has come. 

No download needed. Just sit down, relax and enjoy: easy to use, informative and entertaining!

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What is a Walking Tour?

It’s a storytelling tour related to a specific topic or area, in private or with a group.

Your professional guide will be waiting for you at the meeting place for a nice stroll at night or daytime.

You will walk in the most interesting streets of Paris to spend an informative, entertaining and fun tour full of stunning historical anecdotes.

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What is a Museum Tour?

Your guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point for a tour with a group or at the place of your choice for a private tour.

Then you will enter the museum together to start the storytelling tour.

At the end of the tour, your guide will give you some time for a chat to ask questions, tips for the rest of your stay, or any requests you may have.

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Who is the guide?

Your guide is named Leo, she’s been enjoying working as a guide for a few years and she would love to share her interests with you to feed your appetite for culture!

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More options:

Contact us to order a private tour, a different schedule or a specific topic and keep in mind that any suggestions are welcomed.


Leave a tip to your guide, Léo:

Use Paypal to leave the tip of your choice to My Paris Tour.

This income will be used to allow Léo to spend more time on her study so she can create more and more stunning tours!