Museum tours


Discover the very unique museum of catacombs of Paris, which is sheltering about six million Parisian skeletons 60 feet beneath the pavement of the streets with a cataphile and professional tour guide.

What is the tour about?

You will first discover the history of this stunning place which concentrates many fantasies and makes the Parisian catacombs unique worldwide.

Then, your guide will reveal why, when and how millions of skeletons have been stacked on top of each other, creating a labyrinthine network of galleries made of walls built with human bones.

Finally, you will discover the various functions of the catacombs over centuries and hear some of the craziest events who occurred underground.

Your expert guide will tell you many smashing historical anecdotes who will take you on a journey made of fun, fear and fascination.

But the real question is:

Will you dare to experience the darkness of the catacombs’ history?
We bet you will, then join your guide Leo on this stunning tour!

Group tour
  • Decreasing price for larger groups
Private tour
  • Decreasing price for larger groups