Virtually join your favourite guide in a Live-Streaming Walking Tour from the streets of Paris where anything can happen!


Join this Live-Streaming Walking Tour in the streets of Paris where horrible events took place all along history to experience the dark side of the City of Light with a professional guide.

Join this tour online or in-person if you are in Paris!

Paris has a dark side with multiple stunning stories to share which is rarely highlighted during guided tours although this topic is an interesting and gives a different point of view on the capital and a good way to philosophy about human kindness…

The meeting point is the equestrian statue of Henry IV, the Huguenot king who ended the wars of religion before his tragic death.

The amazing ghost story related to the former Tuileries palace will be revealed to you. This ghost was seen by some of the most famous monarchs and emperors of France… and maybe by you too soon!

Follow your guide to the nearby parish church of the Louvre, which is related to a horrible massacre perpetrated in 1572. Hear what happened there and how come such a slaughter was possible.

Discover Les Halles quarter, where the vastest medieval cemetery was established until its closure for sanitary reasons, which lead to the creation of the famous catacombs. Listen to the stunning tradition of the anchoresses, ladies voluntarily immured in a cell of stone inside cemeteries!

The last stop will take place at Hôtel de Ville, former place of public executions, where the culprit who killed king Henry IV suffered the most horrible death penalty ever!

Will you dare to join this tour? We bet you will! 

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