Types of Tours

We would suggest you to chose a Virtual Tour if you are locked down, unable to travel, stuck in the hospital, if you want to know more before you come to prepare your trip, if you have a low budget… or for any other reason!

A Virtual Tour is like a documentary with a guide in live, as hundreds of documents, paintings, videos, maps, animations will be shown all along the tour while your host explains the history and anecdotes behind the topic.

We just released a new offer: the Live-Streamed Walking Tour. You can virtually attend a tour from the place of your choice, which is streamed live from the streets of Paris, where anything can happen!

You can also attend the live-streamed tour in-person if you are in Paris, as it is a tip-supported tour, you can leave what you think it deserves.

If you have the chance to visit Paris in-person, why don’t you take a Walking Tour, which is ideal to discover a specific area with a local professional tour guide.

If you prefer the Museum Tours, check out our offers. If a monument you’d like to visit is not on the list, contact us for a solution.

Feel free to contact us for a private tour, a specific request, a different schedule or just to say hi!